A strong research combined with the high cycle technology developed in the Italkem laboratories, gives life to a unique and versatile product able to offer excellent performance.

Environmentally friendly three-component drainage conglomerate free of bitumen, cement and solvents. Suitable for lasting repairs of holes and manholes on streets, squares, sidewalks, etc.

Due to its versatility, compactness, resistance to saline solutions and hydrocarbons, it is widely used for the repair of roads, squares, telepass lanes, cycle paths, sidewalks etc.

It can be used at low temperatures even close to zero. Due to its characteristics it allows the restoration of bituminous, cementitious or other existing floors. The particular composition of RASOCRETE® RIP POTHOLES & CULVERTS allows you to have in addition to the classic anthracite color, suitable for restoring the road surface, also another in shades of gray for the restoration of stone surfaces, particularly used in historic centers.

RASOCRETE® RIP POTHOLES & CULVERTS is recommended for repairs of:

  • Streets
  • Sidewalks and parking areas for motorbikes and motorcycles
  • Telepass lanes
  • Airport runways
  • Cycle paths



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