About us

Italkem Srl is a leader company in the field of chemical products for industrial and professional construction, a company that can solve problems giving the best solutions and, thanks to the expertise of its technicians as well as to its acquired know-how, it always satisfies clients’needs.

Its location is also fundamental: positioned in a strategic spot, in the centre of the industrial north-west triangle at less than 1 mile from the highway exit of Castelnuovo Scrivia. The production unit consists in a covered industrial shed of 3,000 sq. meters; half of which is used for a production workshop and the other half for storage of finished products. The plant also has 250 sq. meters meant for offices as well as research and development labs which, together with the open air 7.000 sq. meters, grant Italkem srl the possibility of proficient development in the future years.

Italkem Srl products cover the entire range the sectors related to adhesives, sealants, industrial floorings, parquet floors, wall-to-wall carpets and resilients, moreover provide products for the treatment of marble and additives for concrete.

The production process is assisted by a quality assurance system, in conformity with the standard ISO 9001. Each single component meets the requirements for security as well as environmental protection.

Each formula undergoes severe checks and is constantly revised after its consumer take-off.

A particular care is given to: danger classification, packaging, labelling, instructions for use and dosage.

Italkem Srl is active on the entire national territory thanks to its commercial technicians, trained not only in sales but also in “problem solving”, granting clients a constant and efficient activity of technical assistance in supporting its products.

Our technicians are constantly engaged in research and development in order to create always strategically advanced products and, above all they are always tuned on the regulations for the environment and public liability.