RASOCRETE® RIP PEDESTRIAN CROSSING STRIPES is a Ecocompatible Draining Conglomerate with Three Components Free of Bitumen, Cement and Solvents Suitable for the construction of pedestrian crossings or other horizontal signs.

Three-component draining product, environmentally friendly composed of selected aggregates and polymeric binders, with excellent resistance to compression and therefore suitable for the construction of any type of road sign. REFLECTANCE: UNI EN 1436: 2008 CERTIFICATE.

Due to its extreme versatility and resistance to saline solutions, it is widely used for the construction of pedestrian crossings and any other type of horizontal signage, thus eliminating subsequent and expensive maintenance costs. The use of aggregates available in different colors and the particular composition makes it possible to use them for the creation of very high visibility and durability signs.

The low environmental impact product is a further guarantee for the safeguarding and protection of both users and clients. Due to its completely draining and non-slip surface, it is strongly recommended to use it in the construction of pedestrian crossings, thus significantly increasing the safety for users, whether they are pedestrians or cyclists and motorcyclists, reducing any causes of accidents or simply falls due to slipperiness due to to stagnant water.

The particular composition of RASOCRETE® PEDESTRIAN CROSSING STRIPES allows you to choose the desired color, whether it is white on a red, black, blue background or any other color required. The granulometry for this particular type of use is made up of aggregates with sizes from 0.5-3 mm-

This type of version can also be made with the use of heating networks, allowing to obtain pedestrian crossings to be used in perfect safety even in winter as this type of treatment prevents the formation of ice and therefore it is recommended to use it in areas particularly subject to this criticality.


  • High visibility pedestrian crossings
  • High visibility routes in airports
  • High visibility routes in maritime stations
  • Cycle paths
  • Horizontal signs


– Minimum thickness: 10 mm. for cycle and pedestrian surfaces – 15 mm. for drive-over surfaces.

– Draining or porous

– Quick installation

– Eco-friendly

– Fireproof

– Reduced operating costs

– Minimum maintenance


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