RASOCRETE® BASE is an eco-friendly  component to be added to inert and binding materials to obtain a non-bituminous conglomerates, characterized by a very high elasticity and resistance features. It doesn’t contain hydrocarbons or petroleoum products. Eco-friendly certified both for the environment and for the users. It is not considered as a “special waste” so it can be recycled.


This kind of additive permits the creation of conglomerates with a low content of cement and so the product is eco-friendly and suitable to be used in CIS areas (Community Interest Sites), SPA (Special Protection Areas) and SCA (Special Conservation Areas). The possibility to customize the aggregate in different colours (yellow, red, brown or grey) allows the creation of a road surface in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Due to its robust characteristics it is mainly indicated for the creation of: Bike Lanes, Pedestrian Areas, Pavements, Rural and Forest Areas, Churchyard Paths and wherever it is required the use of an eco-friendly & safe product.

The RASOCRETE® BASE can be laid with vibro finishing machines without the heating group.

It is not considered a “special waste” and therefore can be recycled.


– Customizable

– Eco-friendly

–  High elasticity

– No petrol or hydrocarbons


– Pedestrian and cycle path

– Vehicles path


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