Innovative product designed to provide continuous dielectric insulation, certified for the electrical absorption of components, floorings and ceilings as well as for the sealing of components for the electrical and electronic sector. The product id made to insulate equipment and metal components (steel, aluminum and alloys of conductive materials in general) with low, medium and high voltage. It can be supplied both in the liquid version for in situ applications and in the version of carpets and/or tiles and/or pre-assembled rolls with technical specifications such as dimensions, colors, aesthetic effects, thicknesses (3 to 5mm) and non-slip effect fully customizable on request. The product also provides significant vibration damping and so – as a direct advantage – also noise reduction.
Once completely hardened, it forms a special non-slip elastic and protective film that offers high resistance to water, moisture, heat and atmospheric agents, as well as oils and salt water.


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