Naviflex® PU Decoro Walkem®

Two-component, self-levelling/casting, hypoallergenic modified polyurethane prepolymer. Product characterized by high gripping power and high elasticity. Suitable for thicknesses from 2 to 7 mm. Excellent workability, elasticity and rapid drying time. Thanks to these features the product allows to complete even very large areas in short times, ensuring a prompt access to the area. Available in a wide range of different RAL/NCS colors. This is the perfect solution to replace linoleum, PVC, common vinyl, to eliminate weak points/joints, preventing water infiltrations and dirty accumulations, the main causes of detachment and deterioration of supports and surfaces. As part of this range, Walkem® Skirting boards made of the same material and color are available upon request, to create a unique waterproof flooring surface/layer with no weak points to avoid water accumulations, for a safe and easy cleaning and maintenance.


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