Naviflex® PU/A (A+B)

Eco-friendly thixotropic two-component polyurethane adhesive in white or neutral color. A product characterized by high adhesion and elasticity even on inclined surfaces. Specific for applications that require great performance, high resistance, strong adhesion and no vertical slip, allowing vertical (top to bottom) and/or diagonal laying. Recommended for Green Building projects as it respectful of the environment and respectful of the operators health thanks to its hypoallergenic formulation. Particularly recommended for gluing applications of ceramic tiles or marble on iron or fiberglass walls of prefabricated bathrooms and in all those applications where operators find themselves standing for a long time in contact with the fumes of the utilized products because of small and confined operating spaces. The product allows a rapid adhesion to substrates and it is also available in an ultra-fast version.


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