A/C Conduit Insulation Fast

Innovative Halogen Free treatment cycle, pipe products developed to ensure complete insulation of old and new ducts and pipes, equipped with traditional thermal insulation methods. A/C Conduit Insulation Fast, thanks to a thermal conductivity coefficient λ ≤ 0.04 W / mK, offers an insulating barrier on cooling lines and heating lines using materials without the presence of halogens (operating temperatures -80°C, maximum +100°C). This product guarantees an increase in the temperature in the pipes from 8 ÷ 10 ° C (46.4 ÷ 50 ° F) to 19 ÷ 20 ° C (66.2 ÷ 68 ° F) by removing the condensate, allowing total waterproofing of the entire surface of the ducts/pipes for 24 months.The cycle can also be applied with the system running.



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